The reason he comes to the earth:

Getting started in the IT industry can be pretty hard. You’ve graduated from college or university, got some good knowledges, and now you’re starting out in the world of software. But It doesn’t matter what kind of role you’re getting in to.

  1. IT Staff (IT): Hardware, Network, Operating System
  2. Business Analyst (BA): : Software Engineering
  3. Software Engineer (SE): Software Engineering, Artificial Intelligence
  4. Quality Engineer (QE): Software Testing
  5. Quality Assurance (QA): Software Development Process
  6. Database Administrator (DBA): Database, Data Warehouse
  7. Data Scientist: Data Analytics, Data Warehouse, and Data Mining
  8. DevOp: Infrastructure Development & Operation
  9. Project Manager (PM): Team Management

Working in these fields is a big change from studying them at college, and there’s a lot to know about the IT industry if you want to get ahead in your career. That’s where he comes in. He enjoys providing useful information, sharing advice, and giving resources to help YOU get ahead in your career. It doesn’t matter if you are a recent graduate from college or university looking to get a job in the IT industry, or have graduated and working at your first job, we can all benefit from career advice.

About him:

He grew up in KhanhHoa province Vietnam and He studied Information Technology. He has been working with the web development since the early days in the 2008. He started out writing quite a bit of code, C# ASP, MVC, PHP, SQL, MYSQL.. and some tools for automation. Those early roles gave him a taste of the web technology, and He became more and more involved in projects of all kinds and more roles. He worked for some companies, having experiences working on the web and mobile platforms. He gets to interact with some fantastic people building their best products and then share what I know about creating secure applications for the web with the community.


C#, MySQL, JavaScript, PHP, HTML, ASP.NET, ASP MVC, Microsoft SQL Server, WordPress, Teamwork, jQuery, Microsoft Office, CSS3, Android SDK, Sencha Touch, AngularJS, Web Development, AJAX, JSON, Web Design, WebSockets, Photoshop, SOAP, Database Design, Scrum, Linux, Team Leadership, Apache Cordova, VtigerCRM, Mac OS, JIRA, Confluence, LaravelPHP, PhalconPHP, Zend Framework, Intel Xdk, MVC Architecture, Opencart, Google Maps API, MailChimp Api, Facebook API, OpenID, Magento, Business Architecture, CentOS, Public Speaking, flywaydb, Git, SVN, Design Pattens, d3js, UX/UI, underscorejs, requirejs, backbonejs, framework 7, Apache, Nginx, Load Balancing,..

What is he doing now:

He is a Technical Leader and a Founder at DevNET Vietnam

Technical Leader
1. Have daily stand-up meeting with the technical team to check the task and discuss the idea
2. Communicate directly and collaborate closely with our counterparts in other companies
3. Coordinate the task with team member from Sai Gon to Nha Trang
4. Make the structure, convention code, design pattern and using appropriate technologies and framework to be efficient while giving the best product.
5. Design the project using the UML template
6. Research new technologies, work multi-task and multiple projects
7. Report and update your working progress to director
8. Attend interesting seminars/presentations about technologies or soft skills and share it to our team.

Project Manager
1. Plan, manage and monitor overall production performance and daily operating/troubleshooting to achieve the agreed company goals and objectives.
2. Ensure proper capacity planning, quality, meeting of evaluation
3. Continuous improvement of development process and overall working efficiency.
4. Recruit new employees, plan, organize and personnel and perform disciplinary action when necessary and do per Sprint evaluation of performance.
5. Plan technical equipment and ensure it is always up to standard and available in production process as needed
6. Prepare budgets and plans, analyze customer’s requirements, prepare and implement corrective action plans and submit production reports to general management
7. Ensure health, safety and environmental regulations.
8. Other tasks as assigned by the Director.